Micaia has been successful over the years in raising money from grant makers such as family trusts and foundations, big funders such as the Commonwealth Foundation, and institutional donors such as the EU. The grants tend to be for multi-year themed projects, helping thousands of women and men lead change in their communities. Some projects help people grow more food, others introduce people to new livelihood opportunities such as beekeeping, while others enable whole communities to better manage their natural resources. We report on progress on these projects on our Facebook page and website. The track record of funding attests to the trust that funding agencies have placed in Micaia over the years, and to the results of our work.

Micaia will continue to seek grants for bigger themed projects, and to do our best to bring hope and opportunity to thousands more people. But we want to do more. We want to have money available to support people when they face emergencies such as the cyclone Idai that hit Mozambique in 2019 and did so much damage in the communities where Micaia works. We want to have money to pilot new ideas that we can then take to funders. And we want to be able to support Micaia staff development and make sure our vital equipment and vehicles can keep working. This is why we welcome general donations, of all sizes, regular or one-off. All money raised through this page goes to Micaia in Mozambique.

Micaia also wants to support smaller-scale initiatives and raise money for special funds. Currently, some of our priorities are:

* Secondary school scholarships for girls

* Funding a new water system for Ndzou Camp, a community-owned eco-lodge

* Giving young unemployed people in Chimoio the chance to grow food on a city farm (Quinta Sol)

If you can support one of these special appeals, please visit the Fundraising page here on People's Fundraising.




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Micaia works in Mozambique, helping to create the conditions in which Mozambican people can secure their well-being and develop their capabilities to prosper. Micaia (UK) in the UK is an entirely volunteer-run operation. This means that almost all the money we raise in the UK goes to support the communities in which Micaia works in Mozambique. Our work in Mozambique is led by our Mozambican registered Micaia Foundation, set up in 2009. In the last ten years, Micaia Foundation has helped more than 100,000 people and their families and communities to grow more food, or to earn more money, or to learn new skills, or to better manage their natural resources, or simply to be more active in their communities. Working hand in hand with Micaia Foundation is Eco-Micaia Ltd, a social enterprise, registered in 2007. Eco-Micaia sources investment and provides services to help develop new fair-trade businesses in which suppliers or producers have a stake.