The COVID-19 virus forced us to close our Museum to visitors, who provide almost all our income, during our busiest time of year. 

The Museum is now able partly open to visitors for three days a week, however we still need your help with this battle for survival via our Keep the Keep Going Appeal. Every penny that is donated to our appeal will help to ensure the survival of the museum and to preserve and protect our unique collection.



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The Keep Military Museum

"Keep the Keep Going!"

The Keep Military Museum has been proudly telling the stories of the regiments of Devon and Dorset who have served the country for more than 300 years. The Museum now faces its biggest challenge yet, thanks to the COVID-19 virus, and we urgently need your help. 

As the museum is unable to open to visitors, we face financial jeopardy. Therefore, we are reaching out to our supporters for help. Every penny that is donated to this appeal will go towards ensuring the survival of the museum and to protect our collections.

£26,545.00 raised

£21,771.00 donated and £4,774.00 in GiftAid


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