Joshi Project

The Joshi Project is named for our beautiful, brilliant and gifted daughter, who died in January 2020, aged 24. Her tragic, final moments came after a lifetime of struggle against deep depressions, high anxiety and punishing OCD rituals, along with the persistent abandonment and failure of mental health professionals, who did not provide the care and support she sought and desperately needed to live.

We have no doubt that Joshi's life could have been saved had she had access to a more compassionate and flexible system of mental health care in Scotland.

The vision of The Joshi Project is to establish the first Joshi Hub in Scotland, based on the holistic, whole-person, recovery-focused Trieste Model of mental health care and treatment.

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Joshi Project

Funds raised by The Joshi Project will go toward the establishment of the first Joshi Hub pilot in Scotland, as well as the specialist training of staff at the forthcoming mental health and wellbeing centre, and generally lobbying for a more holistic and compassionate approach to mental health in Scotland.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your important donation.

For more information about The Joshi Project and the Trieste model of mental health care, please visit our website.

£5,515.00 raised

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