Sultan Stevenson is a student of the Tomorrow's Warriors programme.  His art combines elements of the Black African American Jazz tradition as well as his own Black British Caribbean cultural experience.

Aged only 20, in his 2nd year of study at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music he released his debut single 'To Be Seen' in the summer of 2020. The track was well received and well liked among his generation in the jazz community. Sultan intends on releasing an album soon which will stand as a clear sign of his flourishing into one of the future stars of jazz in the UK, Europe and internationally.

Sultan Stevenson - Piano (Bandleader) 
Jacob Gryn – Bass 
Joel Waters - Drums 
Ruben Ross - Tenor Sax 
Josh Short - Trumpet

In an effort to deliver a digital experience as truthful as possible to the Jazz re:freshed ethos, the team has worked relentlessly to recreate the feel and energy of their 17 year long, live weekly residency focussing on stage layout, lighting, audio mix, colour treatment… every single detail has been looked at very carefully for the viewer to feel the unique Jazz re:freshed vibes from the comfort of their home.

While we at Jazz re:freshed have received some funds to bring the weekly back, we still need your donations to bolster artists income for these shows and further support the work of Jazz re:freshed.

Thank you for your generosity and we hope you're enjoying the show!

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As a new wave of British jazz has willed itself into being over the past decade, a hefty chunk of that unglamorous below-the-surface work has been put in by the estimable Jazz re:freshed organisation. - Excerpt from The Quietus review 2019

Jazz re:freshed is a small and relentlessly determined organisation.  The sum of our parts create a unique cultural and global movement.  We work on supporting, developing and promoting young and/or Black and/or female emerging artists and bands across multiple platforms.  Please support by buying our merchandise and donating to support our work.  We welcome regular contributions or one-off donations from allies who care about our mission to support and shine a global spotlight on talented young and/or Black British Jazz musicians.

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