This month's ART RAFFLE we're hoping to raise money to help pay for college fees for the older girls of Hope Orphanage to continue their education + to pay for recent URGENT medical bills.

You could win this gorgeous, original print by the fabulous VENOMOUSE and more to be announced!!!

Make a donation now, no matter how big or small and you could stand a chance of winning one of the brilliant, original art pieces we have as prizes this month!

Anything you can afford to give will be massively appreciated! <3

The raffle draw will be from 8:30pm (BST) in the Punk 4 The Homeless FB group on Wednesday 24th April 2024!



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Punk 4 The Homeless

Punk 4 The Homeless is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2010. We put on small DIY gigs to raise money and awareness for street children. During the Covid-19 crisis we have been putting on online events. We also sell merchandise (T-shirts, Hoodies, CD's, Mugs, Zines, Books etc).

The organizations we help are Hope Orphanage (not-for profit), a 74 girl orphanage in Sierra Leone; Compass Children's Charity (registered charity number 1073903), who work with street children in Guatemala, Hondurus, Nicaragua and Mexico and Uptight Rebels Collective (not-for-profit) in The Philippines.

There are estimated to be around 100,000,000 street children in the world. Punk 4 The Homeless are grass roots but we help others help some of these children.

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