Please help us save our centre!  

We have been the home for so many social groups, fitness classes and life and employment advice for over 39 years.  We now find ourselves in  place where if we don't ask for your help then we won't live to see our 40th birthday :(

The coronavirus lock created a lot of misery and dismay for millions of people.  Now we find ourselves out of the lockdown but with a lot of guidance which means we are unable to raise ongoing funds for the Community Centre through our usual means of table top sales, concerts or through our annual summer party.  We have been delighted to see a lot of our groups back but, unfortunately, not all of our groups due to their having to shield.

Please help us raise money so we can continue to be available to our groups and to amazing organisations like Hayling Helpers who used us as a base whilst helping everyone during the lockdown.  The picture shown is from a festive tea party we put on with help from the national lottery and Wendy's fitness class.

As a self-funding community centre we don't get any help from the council, but are now asking you for your help.


£8,610.33 raised by 114 supporters

£7,247.83 donated and £1,362.50 in GiftAid


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Hayling island Community Centre  

The Community Centre was built in 1981, and is based in the very heart of Hayling Island, within the pleasant surroundings of Hayling Park. Pre-Covid we had up to 2,000 visitors to the centre per week and our on-going costs were paid by regular groups who used the centre on a weekly basis. We now find ourselves in a position where we need help from the community to enable us to stay open . Staying open will benefit the mental and physical health of everyone who uses the centre, hirers members and staff alike. We are also the hub for Hayling Job Club who started with our help 6 years ago. Hayling Job Club have helped hundreds since opening and this wouldn't have been achieved without the use of our rooms at the very beginning.