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The Guild Chapel is an exceptional example of late medieval civic architecture housing a unique sequence of wall-paintings which were covered up in the late 16th century.

The paintings are currently concealed by a significant scheme of wall panelling designed by renowned 20th century architect Stephen Dykes-Bower installed in the 1950s. This has created the appearance of an Oxford College Chapel and has partially protected the paintings from daily wear but hides them from sight and forms a microclimate within the panelling. We are fundraising to assess the state of preservation to decide how best to conserve these paintings and adapt the panelling scheme to make them accessible both for study and ongoing conservation and research.

In working on this project, we want to play our part in reviving heritage and cultural engagement, sharing and developing key professional skills nationally and internationally and contributing to the ongoing discussion around composite conservation and heritage preservation at all levels. 
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Guild Estate from Guild Estate

The Guild Estate is a very old charity in Stratford Upon Avon, England, which is custodian of the Guild Chapel.


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