Since the inception of the BDA Museum in 1935, the museum has relied on the generous donations from members and the general public.

The collection has grown thanks to the gifts, bequests and grants from external sources, both private and public. The museum continues to grow and evolve to reflect changes in dental practice. It is a valuable resource for all our users.

Donations are always very welcome

Donations of all sizes help us to acquire, display and conserve objects for the inspiration and enjoyment of visitors of all ages.

The fund celebrates the contribution made by Professor Stanley Gelbier to the BDA Museum.

Professor Gelbier first became involved with the Museum in 1982 as Deputy Curator. Since then he has researched and written extensively on the history of dentistry.​

He has secured the future of the museum and worked to make it more accessible to the wider dental profession and public. He has lectured widely and his contribution to dental history has been immense.

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Donations to our funds helped purchase what seems to be a working sketch by Thomas Rowlandson for his print Toothache - or torment and torture. Important because the sketch shows his early ideas for the final version.

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