2024 sees us embark on the second year of our 15 year plan enabling us to modernise, update and refresh our Chaseley home. The planned works will ensure we can continue to deliver the best care possible to our residents for the next 75 years.

During 2024 we are looking to raise funds that will help us to complete the following at an overall cost of over  £200,000:

Repair the 3 lifts

Repair and refresh  the common areas

Repair some of the upper skylights

Replace  flooring as needed

Complete the upgrade of all our bathroom facilities

The Chaseley building is a complicated one that has been altered and extended over the past 130 years and with a property of this size and complexity it is important to future plan any building works, including maintenance, repairs and improvements. With your help, we are sure that throughout 2024 we will be able to raise the funds needed and ensure our residents continue to receive the excellent care they require, whilst living in a first class home that they deserve.


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Resident Well-Being from Chaseley Trust

Our Well-Being & Activities program is vital for our residents facing lifestyle changes due to injury, condition, or disability. It aims to combat isolation, reduce depression risks, and enhance their overall health and well-being through a diverse in-house social and recreational program.

By participating, residents can expect:

  • Decreased frustration and boredom
  • Increased enjoyment of activities fostering a sense of self
  • Improved self-esteem and a sense of achievement in everyday tasks
  • Social integration within the local community
  • Meaningful shared experiences and interests

£2,000.00 raised by 1 supporters

£2,000.00 donated

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