Many of the women and children fleeing abuse and violence leave home with nothing.

Your donation will be used to provide the support that they most urgently need.

  • £15 could provide children leaving their home without their most treasured belongings with new books, colouring and craft activities, clean pyjamas and a teddy to bring them comfort when they need it most.
  • £25 could provide a critical support session via telephone for a woman living in her own home, to build her resilience and confidence to live a life free from abuse.
  • £40 could provide a woman with the basics to set up her emergency accommodation - funds to charge the gas and electricity meter, a cleaning kit, a kettle, plates and cutlery, and store cupboard essentials to feed herself while she finds her feet.
  • £65 could provide accommodation in our refuge for one night for a Mum and her two children, with our specialist Support Workers on hand to get them through the early days.
  • £150 could fund therapy for a Mum and her child to support their recovery together.

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Eve from eve

We are Nene Valley Christian Family Refuge, operating as Eve. Since 1982, we have delivered a trauma-informed restorative support service for women and children who are survivors of domestic abuse. Our Christian ethos inspires and motivates our work, women who come to us for help come from other faiths or have no faith; all are accepted and respected.

We provide a safe place in our refuge and a recovery programme for women and children to rebuild their lives after the trauma of domestic abuse. We provide a behavioural change programme for perpetrators of domestic abuse to enable them to maintain healthy relationships. We deliver training to frontline professionals, religious organisations and their safeguarding officers, businesses and individuals to gain better understanding of the dynamics of domestic abuse. We are a multifaceted organisation determined to make a difference in the lives of thousands of women and children.

£19,552.02 raised

£16,457.51 donated and £3,094.51 in GiftAid


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