Engage with China is an educational charity building China literacy in UK schools through delivery of 'China Challenge Days' in the classroom whilst developing core skills such as team-work, critical thinking, presentation, maths and literacy. Founded in 2018, Engage with China has reached 2,000 pupils of all ages across UK schools raising global awareness, stimulating understanding about the second largest superpower and building competitive edge.

Why is there a need?

China already influences so many aspects of our lives. From global supply chains to AI, infrastructure and climate change, China undoubtedly has a huge impact. The same applies to competition for jobs in the global market-place. A 2022 Higher Education Policy Report highlights that the lack of China-related competencies in the UK is impacting our economic growth and access to wider opportunities. We believe that UK pupils are disadvantaged by lacking China knowledge but also miss out on a huge opportunity to learn about this dynamic country which offers so much for any curious young learner. 

International education

Our annual, aspirational Model UN conference is a unique platform enabling international students, including from China, to debate the biggest, global issue of our times. Described as "global education as a reality," this MUN develops research, leadership and cross-cultural skills.

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Thank you for your support in building a China-literate generation.

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Engage with China Programme

To upskill state school pupils of all ages, on China, through interactive China themed one day briefings, lessons plans covering all subjects, musical cultural events and a resource rich website