We've had the pleasure of working with older people in Brent for 30 years. We believe they deserve the best and that is what we aim to give them. But we need your help! Older people in the UK are stereotyped, discriminated against and marginalised. The pandemic compounded the inequalities experienced by older people, and the cost of living crisis has further demonstrated our failure to protect vulnerable communities. Yet our older population is growing rapidly, and the number of residents in Brent, aged 65 and over, is projected to increase by 78% between 2020-2041. So it's imperative we have the infrastructure to support this growing population in a practical, creative and holistic way. Your donation could go towards funding one of our services, uniquely designed to meet our clients' needs:

  • A Wellbeing Centre that offers Day Centres for older people & older people with dementia; Wellbeing Activities such as Zumba Gold and Chair Yoga and a Memory Hub that offers music, museum and sensory reminiscence sessions.
  • A Handyperson Service that carries out small handiwork such as installing smoke alarms, grab rails, locks, peepholes and curtain rails, changing light bulbs, unblocking toilets and repairing leaks.
  • A Floating Support Service that supports older people with benefit entitlements, debt management, filling in forms and relocating to more appropriate accommodation.
  • A Cost of Living Support project that helps older people lower their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient, and provides advice on how to spend smart and stay positive.



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A Worthwhile Journey from Elders Voice

Fear of getting old is one of the most common fears there is. Perhaps that’s why we marginalise older people; an attempt to suppress reminders of our own mortality. We dread the prospect of physical and mental decline; becoming dependent on others; and experiencing loneliness. But there are ways we can make ageing a thing to embrace rather than something to dread!

Exercise like yoga and weight lifting can help slow physical decline; and learning a new skill like baking or playing the piano can help improve cognitive function. Being socially active and integrated into your community can help alleviate loneliness. To quote Katherine Etsy ‘the opposite of independence is not being dependent, it is community’ - so can we not embody intergenerational care as a core value, rather than treat it as burdensome?

We believe ageing should be a wonderful and worthwhile journey, but for that to happen older adults need access to affordable activities, that have been designed by older adults themselves, in an environment that embraces their differences. By donating to Elders Voice, you can help us make that happen.

Your donation could help fund:

  • A gardening club, so older people can enjoy the benefits of nature and therapeutic effects of gardening.
  • Intergenerational projects such as 'An After School Club That Thinks It's A Restaurant'; where young pupils and older adults cook together and dine together!
  • A weightlifting class, an exercise proven to have a multitude of health benefits for older people.
  • Coastal trips, museum visits and picnics in the park; because it's good to get out once in a while!

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