Common Cause exists to help build the foundations needed to shift cultures away from competition, inequality and oppression, and towards regeneration, equity and harmony, by celebrating and elevating the intrinsic values that underpin our care for one another and our living planet. 

We envision a world where the interconnectedness of all living beings is honoured in the cultures and systems we co-create and live by.

Donations from supporters help us to develop new projects and keep our resources free for anyone to use. One-off donations are crucially important, and regular donations help us plan for the future even more.

We are a small team and make the most of the resources we have. Help us expand the insight and impact of working with values, to create the ambitious and durable responses needed for the challenges our world and societies face. .


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Common Cause Foundation

We are a small non-profit that works at the intersection of culture change and human values. We’re driven by the belief that it is possible to design societies that magnify and strengthen the cooperative and caring parts of human nature. And that together, we can build ways of living that are equitable and just, and lie within our planetary boundaries. We know that values play a pivotal role in shaping our cultures and systems. The dominant global culture is out of balance, prioritising extrinsic values such as wealth, power and social status, in a way that has led us to the brink of destruction; with crises of poverty, inequality and climate change. We also know that balance can be restored with the elevation of intrinsic values which have, for too long, been neglected – values like community, creativity and unity with nature. Informed by decades of social psychological research, as well as other ways of knowing that centre the interconnectedness of human beings and nature, we are helping to build the foundations for a culture that truly reflects the intrinsic values which the majority of people prioritise. To do this we work with a broad range of cultural influencers to rebalance the values that we find reinforced in our day-to-day lives, opening up greater possibilities for imagining and nurturing new alternatives to living together on our one shared planet.


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