The secretary of the Racecourse Public Parks Trust, Peter Lewis, chose to mark the occasion of his eightieth birthday by partaking in a 10,000 metre walk which stretched from the Racecourse to the St Brides Inn in Little Haven.

An initial target of £500 was easily surpassed and £1530 was raised from cheque donations which speaks volumes for the popularity of the Racecourse and even more so for the generosity of the people of our community.

This donation page is for those who requested an alternative way of showing their support and  appreciation of this most valuable local resource.  The Racecourse has shown its importance during the Covid restrictions by the large increase in the number of people using it this year.

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This fundraiser is now closed but you can still help by going to our general page at:  https://www.peoplesfundraising.com/donation/haverfordwest-racecourse

Updated on Sun, October 17 2021, 1:34 PM


Haverfordwest Racecourse (Public Park) Trust

Haverfordwest Racecourse (Public Park) Trust was established in 1974; it is run by a group of volunteers, with the aim of maintaining the area of land known as "The Upper Racecourse" to ensure the recreational enjoyment of the people of Haverfordwest and its surrounding area. Our charitable objectives: For the purpose of providing, through the establishment and maintenance of a Public Park, facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation, for the benefit of the inhabitants of Haverfordwest and the neighbourhood thereof, without distinction of sex or of political, religious, or other opinions, so that their condition of life may thereby be improved.


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