Stage 2 Walls Appeal
The Poole–Wau Partnership is seeking to fund Stage 2 of the new building project — the Stage1 Foundations are already complete, so the walls are ready to go.
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Foundation Shape after construction s.jpg


£1,083.75 raised by 7 supporters

£875.00 donated and £208.75 in GiftAid


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St John's College Extension from Poole-Wau Partnership  

St John's College is there to transform society
As times get darker in South Sudan, the churches remain as a beacon of hope for the future, and St John’s College is at heart of the Mission of the ECSS Church in Wau. Poole and North Bournemouth Deanery is credited with helping St John’s to grow from 3 students in 2011 to over 400 today. These new Lecture Rooms will a very big step forwards.

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