One Voice for Animals launched in April and became an association in August 2020.  We encourage the public to donate directly to the animal rescue organizations on our database via our website at www.helpanimals.co.uk

Any donations to this page will support us as an organisation, including

  • Website and domain costs
  • Professional body membership fees
  • Advertising and marketing

Up until now these costs have been personally funded.




December 2021.  The One Voice for Animals UK Christmas Auction raised an amazing £9011 for our 350 animal rescue organizations , making our grand total raised since we launched our first appeal in 2020   -  £118,000 wow!!

Thank you to everyone who  supports and donates to any of  our members.  Find your local rescue on www.helpanimals.co.uk/local. 

Updated on Sat, December 11 2021, 6:50 AM

£705.29 raised by 34 supporters

£705.29 donated


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One Voice for Animals UK from One Voice for Animals UK

One Voice for Animals UK Set up in April 2020 in response to the terrible impact Covid-19 was having on the UK's Animal Rescues, hospitals and Sanctuaries. We now have close to 300 organisations on our database Our Vision A future where every animal that needs rescue, rehabilitation or rehoming - gets that chance. Our Mission For UK animal rescue centres, hospitals and sanctuaries to: * Be recognised and valued for what they do for UK Animal Welfare. * Have the tools they need to thrive in a digital age. * Have the funds they need to operate. * Be part of a supportive network. * Have a platform to campaign on issues that cause harm to animals. For the Public to: * Have a place to go to find rescues who need support near them - on our website https://www.helpanimals.co.uk In August 2020 we became an unincorporated association with an elected committee. A copy of our Constitution is available in the files section of our Facebook group and in the One Voice library.


For further information visit the twitter feed.