NBIB volunteers look after flower beds and planters throughout the town to fill it with colour and interest all year round. In the summer we look after 200 barrels, tubs and hanging baskets full of cheerful bedding plants, in the winter it changes to a display of polyanthus and violas, and culminate with the famous tulip festival in the spring. We also plant trees, look after perenial flower beds, wildflower beds, and consider conservation, water preservation and wildlife in all our projects. We work closely with East Lothian council Amenity services team and other local groups such as NB Gardening Club, Sustaining NB, the Seabird Centre and all of the schools. We grow our own plants as much as possible but need to raise funds every year to buy plants for the summer displays, tulip bulbs and hanging baskets. Our goal is to make NB an even more beautiful place to live by providing a welcome for visitors at the station and a joyful experience in the High Street.


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North Berwick in Bloom

NBIB volunteers fill the town with plants and bedding displays and look after many of the towns colourful flower beds. Working together with East Lothian Council Amenity services, we encourage community projects with local groups and schools such as communal gardens and tree planting. NBIB started with traders who wanted to brghten the High Street and improve quality of life for local people and visitors. NBIB has won many prizes including the Rose Bowl, 'Beautiful Scotland's highest award, 4 times.


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