Currently we are supporting two projects:

Jeunesse et Développement (Youth and Development)

whose projects include

A health insurance scheme - allowing some of the poorest people in rural areas to get access to basic health care;

Women’s savings groups - helping women increase their economic activity, generate their own cash and improve productivity (by funding grain-grinding mills for example);

Pensons à Demain (Let's think about tomorrow)

who use Bogolan art to help homeless and displaced children develop their skills and realise their potential.

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Mali Development Group

The Mali Development Group (MDG) raises money to support social, health, economic, and political development in Mali, West Africa. The work is done by Malians for Malians, using methods that involve local people and are rooted in local communities. Our partners work in Bamako, the capital city and in remote rural areas in the South of the country.
We also offer practical and technical support to our partners, using the skills of our members and building on 20 years of developed relationships.

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