Support the conservation profession and offer a helping hand to professionals aiming to develop their conservation career.

We are offering you the opportunity to Give Back by:

· Sponsoring a student member · Sponsoring an international member · Gifting an Icon membership You can contribute any amount to the membership of your choosing and we will combine donations.

If you would like to read more about our campaign, please visit Icon's website or watch our fundraising video here.



£1,783.75 raised by 25 supporters

£1,468.00 donated and £315.75 in GiftAid


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Gift a membership from Institute of Conservation

This year we are also encouraging our members to consider gifting memberships to others - a great way to support your colleagues and friends.  You can gift any type of membership by simply donating the amount online and then emailing our admin@icon.org.uk with the receipt.

For more details on our membership categories and fees, please visit Icon's website.

You can customise the amount on the donation page to match the membership of your choosing.

International Membership from Institute of Conservation

International members are another important resource for promoting the conservation profession. We want to continue promoting conservation standards around the world and make sure that talented individuals in developing countries have access to the same opportunities as their colleagues in the UK.

You can contribute the full cost of associate membership (£120) or any amount that will be later added to other donations.

We will select candidates for international memberships based on the UN criteria for countries in transition and developing countries.

Student Memberships from Institute of Conservation

For students, joining Icon is an incredible opportunity to expand their professional networks and learn new skills. Students support the continuation of excellence in the profession and make sure high conservation standards are upheld. A student membership serves as the first step to accreditation.

You can contribute the full cost of the membership (£57) or any sum that will be added to other donations. 

We are currently consulting with Icon's Diversity and Inclusion Task and Finish Group to outline criteria for applicants for student memberships. The new criteria will make sure that sponsored memberships are awarded to those who need them the most.


For further information visit the twitter feed.