COVID-19 has caused so much devastation to lives and livelihoods that sometimes it is difficult to see a way of rebuilding.

Yet rebuild we will. Initially this may be through digital and online content, then eventually we will be back on stages in shared celebrations of great music, comedy, literature and film.

If you are in a position to, we would ask you to donate to our fundraising campaign to help our festivals bounce back in 2021/22.

This funding will enable the festival to book more artists, hire more technical crews, work with more venues, attract bigger audiences, support the local hospitality industry and generally help make our city a more attractive place to live and work. 

Any support,no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated.   



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The Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival from The Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival

Established in May 2000, the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival has grown to become one of the most vibrant and dynamic arts festivals on these islands. Located across numerous venues in Belfast's emergent Cathedral Quarter in the city centre, the festival has a wholly inclusive ethos and embraces all major artforms including Music, Theatre, Comedy, Literature and Film.


For further information visit the twitter feed.

  • Fri, November 27 2020, 12:37 PM : RT @BelfastFests: Done all your xmas shopping? (hate you, we haven't started yet) Thinking ahead to 2021? (don't blame you) You could do w…
  • Fri, November 20 2020, 2:13 PM : @aicky Yes, sorry, will get that fixed. Cheers!
  • Fri, November 20 2020, 1:41 PM : Some cheer amidst the gloom - two new shows for CQAF; John Grant - Festival Marquee, Friday May 7, 8.00pm Hollie McNish - Black Box, Saturday May 8, 2.00pm https://t.co/PoF8L46Vol https://t.co/GeaXNyGc7S
  • Fri, November 20 2020, 11:34 AM : Very proud to launch the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival Creativity Bursaries today in Theatre (£3,000), Music (£2,000), and Literature (£2,000). We'll showcase finished work at CQAF in May. Details on https://t.co/PoF8L46Vol https://t.co/8o999eV1b5