Ruby's Story

"My bones are not good. I have to be very careful of walking. From my hips right down to the bottom of my toes I cannot do anything too hard with them. Before I had this bone problem I never suffered, I used to get out and about, go and do my shopping and get back and do every little thing. During the lockdown because I couldn’t move around, I just stayed put. I don’t go anywhere. I felt lonely but I have a radio and to be frank...I don’t really let myself go over it or worry.

I will tell my friends in church.

But Nevina is so blessed. She helped with the dial-a-ride and the taxi card. Now if I want to go to Asda I call the dial-a-ride and the dial-a-ride takes me to Asda and brings me back. This way I can move about and I thank Nevina for helping me to get there. Elders Voice are good. They want to get to know the person they are going to help. I will tell my friends in church about Elders Voice. 

I'm looking forward to...if I could move around better. Get about, help myself in what way I can." - Ruby, aged 77, Floating Support client

Getting out and about may not change the world, but it might mean the world to someone.

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Elders Voice from Elders Voice

Elders Voice is a voluntary sector organisation offering a variety of services to older people living in the London Borough of Brent. These include:

  • A Floating Support Service that supports older people with benefit entitlements, debt management, housing repairs, home safety & security and enjoying an active social life.
  • A Handyperson Service that enables older people to live safely and independently in their homes by undertaking handiwork such as installing smoke alarms, grab rails and other adaptations, installing locks, peepholes and curtain rails, changing light bulbs, unblocking toilets and repairing leaks.
  • A Wellbeing Centre that offers Memory Cafes for people with dementia and their carers, Day Centres for frail older people & older people with dementia and Wellbeing Activities such as fitness classes and computer classes.
  • Lend an Ear; a telephone befriending scheme.
  • General advice and information for older people in the community.


For further information visit the twitter feed.

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