The Eurasian Creative Guild (London) is running the Artworks of Eurasia Charity online Art-Auction. Each auction lot is a work of one of the artists who is a member of the Guild. The OCA People participants (a special project of OCA Magazine) and the winners of the competition "TOP-25 Artworks of Eurasia" provided their work for the auction. We hope this event will act as a magnet to attract the attention of connoisseurs of visual art to the works of contemporary Eurasia artists The auction will raise funds for several purposes: -- First of all, 50% of the proceeds will be received by the artists themselves. However, each artist participating in the auction has the right to donate his or her share to other charitable purposes - Secondly, 25% of the proceeds go to the charity event "Visual Art for Everyone." One of the goals of this campaign, is to provide master classes from contemporary artists of Eurasia for needy children and children with HIA. - Thirdly, the remaining proceeds will go towards opening an art residence for members of the Guild who are not able to independently go on art tours. Artists will be provided with conducive conditions for creativity and communication within the creative community. The auction will be open from 3rd October to 15th December, 2020.




The Eurasian Creative Guild (London)

The Eurasian Creative Guild (London) was founded in 2015 as a platform uniting creative people from all corners of Eurasia! Today it's a platform for all spheres and forms of art and embraces a wide range of activities and gives a space for interaction, discussion of works, projects at creative meetings in different countries. ECG unites figures of literature, journalism, fine arts, architecture, education, mass media and creative business.

In 2021 we opened our own Creative Residency “ECG HORIZONS” in Burabay National Park, Kazakhstan and it is very important for us to grow and develop. The ECG Horizons is a unique space for writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers and other creative people. It includes a showroom and a co-working area, a library, a music corner and an art gallery. So anyone who wants to share their work with colleagues and audiences can use this space as a platform. Our main idea is to create a perfect space for artistic and cultural experimentation with deep cross integration of all fields of art.

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From the 4th October 2020 at 12:55 AM, until the 15th December 2020 at 11:55 PM.

"Autumn in the mountains"


Rina Akhmetova (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

*The Finalist of the "TOP-25 of Artworks of Eurasia" contest, a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)

The most beautiful time of the year is autumn! And autumn in the mountains is a storm of colors in triple volume that surrounds you from all sides. And you do not get tired of being amazed at how talented nature is as an artist, watching this phenomenon every year! Surely there is no one person in the world who remains indifferent to such beauty. "Stop, for a moment, you're amazing!.."

This picture depicts our unique and beloved Kazakh mountains. With the presented work ‘Autumn in the Mountains’, the author wanted to share his love for our unique nature, the species of which will be recalled in the heart of everyone.

Technique: oil, canvas

19.7Ñ…23.6 inches

Final bid £0.00



Larisa Pak (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)

*The Finalist of the "TOP-25 of Artworks of Eurasia" contest, a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)

The painting "Love", in Korean "Saran", is painted in the oriental style, with oil on canvas. I mixed the cultures of Korea and Japan, since my ancestors once left their homeland for the sake of their love. In this work the strong energy of love is embedded in it’s fibre - Love is stronger than death. Living for love is the only important aspect of life.

It was in Korea many years ago. My great-grandfather had a plant for the extraction and processing of salt. Salt was supplied to the domestic market and to Japan. He was a respectable man. On one of his trips to Japan, he saw a beautiful lady and fell in love with her. In those days, Koreans had hostile feelings towards Japan. But the Japanese allowed his beloved to come to their homeland. Such an act could deprive my great-grandfather of life - it could have led to his execution or hard, intensive manual labor.

I don't know exactly how much time has passed and how my great-grandfather and great-grandmother left Korea for the Russian Empire. I know that the family was big - 22 children were born (including six pairs of twins), including my own grandfather, my mother's dad.

For many reasons, not all children had survived - only 9 boys and one girl.

I learned this family story as an adult. I haven't seen the family relics, but I know it's kept by the oldest son's family in Bakhchisarai...

Technique: oil, canvas

Final bid £0.00



Yussuf Krykbessov (Schuchinsk, Kazakhstan)

*The Finalist of the "TOP-25 of Artworks of Eurasia" contest, a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)

Rajnish Osho: "The less the artist's personality is in the picture, the more talented he is!"

The philosophical basis of style methodology is the eastern tradition is that of revealing its internal "Self" and the concept of Karl Gustav Jung about the essence of the creative process, which consists in turning to unconscious structures of the personality, the  archetypal content. Jung said that each of us has someone who is millions of years old inside ourselves. That's why my purpose as an artist is to creatively actualize these archaic layers of the structure of my personality. My creative credo is not in the image, but in the expression of my inner world, which is much deeper and richer than the world perceived by imperfect sensory organs. In addition, I am a representative of the culture of my ancestors, their nomadic civilization, where artistic creativity is based on a kind of improvisational insight. The basis of such creativity is not empirical knowledge and skills, but the disclosure of the flow of emotions and feelings, which themselves are shed on the canvas. My compositions are made according to the spirit, that is, in autopilot mode. First I feel, and only then I think and conceptualize.

Technique: oil, orgalite

23.6Ñ…31.5 inches

Final bid £50.00

"Robin the Flutist"


Katerina Zver (Ekaterina Zgurskaya)  (Moscow, Russia)

*The Finalist of the "TOP-25 of Artworks of Eurasia" contest, a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)

Illustration for the same-titled story from “The Forest Gothic” fairy tale book

"Robin the Flutist" - is the author's illustration for the fairy tale "Forest Musician" from the "Forest Gothic" fairy tale book (currently in progress). The “Forest Gothic" is a collection of gloomy, but inspiring stories about the forest and the spirits living there, both good and evil. It’s a fairy tale for adults (both young and elder ones) that tell frightening and mesmerizing stories that are best  read on a chilly autumn evening under the rustle of the rain or under the howling of a blizzard wind in winter.

Robin is a wandering musician who has not a penny to his heart, just his father's old flute. But his passion for music, his kind heart and generous soul help him overcome any evil force and dispel any sadness that comes his way.

The illustration has been created with mixed media – the monochrome detailed pencil sketch on craft paper in A3 format, coloring, shading and special effects in Adobe Photoshop.

The painting is being sold as a color print on matte foam board, there is no need to add a frame or base. 

A3 Kraft paper, graphite pencil, colored in Photoshop

11,7Ñ…16,6 inches

Final bid £0.00



Lidia Drozdova (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

*The Finalist of the "TOP-25 of Artworks of Eurasia" contest, a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)

The painting "Sisters" is made with watercolor.. The watercolor in this work glows, plays with the sun's rays, echoing the happiness of a hot summer. It is a very transparent combination, dissolving the color of the watercolor paints in wet slashes across the canvas. These techniques of spreading paint convey the playfulness of the sun on the girls' faces, hair, body and in the sand pebbles. I love watching children play on the seaside. This is a special state of happiness, laughter, relaxation, when all worries are thrown away and there is nothing else around but sunny joy! You look at this work and plunge into this state of wonderful joy.

Technique: watercolor, paper

27.6Ñ…19.7 inches

Final bid £0.00

"Still life with peaches"


Yelena Fursa (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

The coolness and silence of the cozy room, the favorite books you remember from your childhood, the fragrance of living flowers and the honey smell of peaches. The feeling of a home where you can always rest and relax, and where you always want to come back to, no matter how many years has passed...

Final bid £0.00



Olesea Shibaeva (Chisinau, Moldova)

*The Finalist of the "TOP-25 of Artworks of Eurasia" contest, a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)

Hand-painted fabric using backup compositions.

The name "Stork" is associated with the legend of the salvation of the defenders of the besieged Moldavian fortress who were saved from starvation  by a pack of white storks who brought them grape bunches in their beaks. The White stork is a symbol of Moldovan viticulture and winemaking.

Technique: batik, silk

19,7*29,5 inches

Final bid £50.00

"The Dawn Cruise"


Botakoz Utebalieva (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

*The Finalist of the "TOP-25 of Artworks of Eurasia" contest, a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)

The ship has long been a symbol of hope, change and movement towards new horizons. And, of course, the best voyages begin at dawn, when the first rays of sunlight call you, they leave a thin path of golden sparkles on the sea waves, and a morning of new hope rises from beyond the horizon.

Technique: oil, canvas

23.6*15.8 inches

Final bid £0.00

"The Dragon"


Yelena Bezrukova (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

*The Finalist of the "TOP-25 of Artworks of Eurasia" contest, a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)

Made on the grafella, "The Dragon",  reflects the author’s directions of creativity: Projective graphics and Miniatures for paintings.

Projective graphics originated in the late 90s in Kazakhstan. This graphic art reveals the emotional and spiritual perception of the world, reflected in a intuitively laid line.

Works in the direction of Projective graphics are some sort of echo of primitive art, shamanism and art therapy of modern psychology. They are simple, concise, look great in the interior of any style, have the property of harmonizing the emotional state of the viewer and developing his spatial-creative thinking.

Technique: projective graphics

11.7x8.3 inches

Final bid £0.00

"The First Born"

Perizat Esnazarova.jpg

Perizat Yesnazarova (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

*The Finalist of the "TOP-25 of Artworks of Eurasia" contest, a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)

"For me, one of the favorite topics in creativity is the topic of family values. In this picture, I wanted to portray a young family. After all, love for the motherland begins with love for the family hearth. In the family, a person receives joy, peace of mind and protection. When the first child appears in the family, he is called the firstborn, which implies the appearance of other children in the future. Children are always a joy for the family. And if the firstborn is a boy, then they rejoice especially, since it is he who is the successor of the genus,  the family name. In the painting, I conveyed the warm, happy moments of the life of a young couple with their first child - the fruit of their love, their hope for a happy and prosperous future. The painting is made in the technique of batik on silk, which also contributes to the transfer of the topic with its tender texture."

Technique: batik, silk

Final bid £0.00

"The philosophy"


Vladimir Kosarev (Novosibirsk, Russia)

*The Finalist of the "TOP-25 of Artworks of Eurasia" contest, a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)

This photo of a bridge seems to be some sort of metaphor for the path that leads us through the time and space of our lives. It is a naked reflection  of a human’s being, presented as a narrow endless bridge between the first and the last day of our lives,  being so pure and simple and needing nothing more. Everything is serene, whilst  the future is hidden behind a dense, heavy fog.


Final bid £50.00

"Vestal with a scroll"


Lyudmila Blokhina (Krasnodar, Russia)

*The Finalist of the "TOP-25 of Artworks of Eurasia" contest, a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)

The artist's dream to visit Rome was embodied in the creation of this painting. "Oh Rome, you're the whole world!" I.V. Goethe.

Vestal is the priestess of the goddess Vesta in ancient Rome, the goddess of fire of each Roman house and the entire Roman state. The goddess endowed Vestals with mysterious power. The scroll says: "The people who have forgotten history will lose themselves". This is a message from the past to the present. Take care of the fragile peace and family.

Technique: canvas (100% flax) on the subframe, acrylic, lacquer.

19.7x27.6 inches

Final bid £0.00

”Bzyb. Absny”


Inna Pilipionak (Minsk, Belarus)

*The Finalist of the "TOP-25 of Artworks of Eurasia" contest, a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)

"An Inspiration is a miracle. Any true artist who through their inspiration helped them paint this or that could say: If not for inspiration, I myself would have never reached my potential."  F. Iskander.

What inspired me? Abkhazia! The country of the soul! The land given to us by god! A subtropical fairy tale!

A small but proud and hospitable country. A combination of a mild climate, a sparkling sea and beautiful nature. The land of sunny mountains and singing rivers. The unimaginable landscapes of Abkhazia are striking. I wanted to talk about the beauty of this country as only I can do.

One of the most beautiful rivers in sunny Abkhazia is Bzyb. All the way from the source to the mouth, you can admire many great landscapes.

It's free and recalcitrant, fast and passionate, calm and dangerous. It's so different. So I want to sit by the water on a hot day and enjoy the cool, refreshing stream. I want to watch and listen to its story that it has brought from the mountains of the Caucasus.

Look, admire and enjoy. But it's better to go and see everything with your own eyes.

With sincere love for Abkhazia.

Technique: oil, canvas

19,7*19,7 inches

Final bid £0.00

“Autumn gust”


Perizat Yesnazarova (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

*The Finalist of the "TOP-25 of Artworks of Eurasia" contest, a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)

Under the impression of Ivanov-Kramsky's music "Rush," which my daughter played on a classical guitar, during the time of a golden autumn, the painting "Autumn gust" was created. Autumn is a beautiful time for inspiration, creating works in poetry, art or music. There are so many colors of nature in Autumn, a change of weather from sunny to cloudy, the light blowing of air turning into a strong wind, tearing off gold, red, burgundy foliage from trees and the remaining fruits from branches introduced themselves to me and aroused the desire to create this composition. In the picture, I painted a golden apple, barely kept on a branch under a gust of wind. The wind dunks even harder and the apple flies to the ground. For more expressiveness, I slightly embroidered the apple with a golden thread

Technique: batik, silk, embroidery

23.6x31.5 inches

Final bid £0.00

“Dawn upon a lake”


Rina Akhmetova (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

*The Finalist of the "TOP-25 of Artworks of Eurasia" contest, a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)

The pre-dawn silence... Freshness of the lake... A light breeze pounding the reeds... Birds are starting to wake up... A new day is about to begin!

Inside there is a premonition of something new and beautiful!

The presented work depicts one of the protected lakes in the Northern Kazakhstan region.

Technique: oil, canvas

11.8Ñ…23.6 inches

Final bid £0.00

“New nomadic”


Adylbek Baiterekov* (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)

*The Finalist of the "TOP-25 of Artworks of Eurasia" contest, member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)

The world is changing and we are all trying to find our own new tribe to be a part of. We are all trying to move to a better life at every corner of the world. We rediscover that life, with the prospects of all cultural issues and aesthetic differences. Or vice-versa. And through this increasing anxiety and digital “white noise” that the world is drowning us with, a  new nomadic era is beginning to grow.

Technique: oil, canvas (author’s technique)

23.6Ñ…39.4 inches

Final bid £0.00

“The Seagull that Screams from the Bottom of the Sea”


Ya La Lee  (Aliya Shekhmametieva) (St. Petersburg, Russia)

*The Finalist of the "TOP-25 of Artworks of Eurasia" contest, a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)


The presented work is a picturesque experiment on the idea of pollution of the environment and, in particular, the sea and the ocean. The title of the painting "The Seagull that Screams from the Bottom of the Sea" also carries a certain meaning. The seagull, in the title, is represented as a herald of freedom, symbolizes something positive, but it’s buried under the garbage and can’t call to  us from the bottom of the sea.

Technique: canvas, tempera, glue

15.75Ñ…15.75 inches

Final bid £0.00

Untitled artwork


Yekaterina Shkut (Gomel, Belarus)

*The Finalist of the "TOP-25 of Artworks of Eurasia" contest, a member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London)

Feel the tension. A Deep red. An Empty grey. A strange form inside it’s form. It’s susceptive. So frustrated. Don’t try to run away from your paranoia. Keep your mind under your own surveillance.

Final bid £50.00

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