The President’s Boat Fund

KRC is a club run by its members based on raising money from a range of sources: subscriptions; internal and external events; the club bar; the two heads; donations from Kingston Regatta; Learn to Row courses; squad fundraisers and more. This is all driven by a large number of volunteers.

Over the last ten years, with close to £250,000 raised, we have made great progress in building our fleet. However, we are still using some very old boats:

UL 4 (1990); Angela 4 (1996); Vamp (1996); Robins Silver 4 (1994); Janes Gold 4 (1994).

I would like these boats to be retired over the next three year as no one should be rowing in such old boats. As a first step, I want to raise around £16,000 for a new four – or even better, £32,000 for two new fours!

Our last major fundraiser was Row for Rosie in September 2019 (in memory of 15 year old Rosie Mitchell, who collapsed while rowing and died in 2016). We raised around £40,000 and this enabled us to buy two coxed fours, a coxless four and two coxless pairs.

Over the last few months, we invested in two Falcon Explorer Boats – for beginners, Recreational and Explorer rowing, Learn to Row courses and corporate days; and a Filippi eight for our senior masters. This has obviously put a strain on our finances and also very importantly we need to start investing in our boathouse again - so we need to fundraise for new equipment.

I would ask everyone to get behind this. Fundraising is essential to our success – let’s raise some serious money for our grand old club and keep it moving forwards!

Peter King (Queenie)

President Kingston Rowing Club

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£9,113.75 raised by 19 supporters

£7,663.00 donated and £1,450.75 in GiftAid


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Kingston Rowing Club

Kingston Rowing Club is a 'town rowing' club catering for everyone who wants to row and enjoy the river. Active rowers number around 300. Squads range from senior men and women competing at top club level to recreational rowing. The club has a large junior section and adults range in age from 18 to over 80. Kingston Rowing Club also hosts Kingston University.