Since 2017 Wolverhampton Quaker Meeting has taken groups of Asylum Seekers on holiday to the Birch Thompson Residential Centre Gelliwig in Porthmadog. The last groups before the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic stayed there in 2019 when 70 Asylum Seekers and Refugees were given a four day holiday. Volunteer drivers used minibuses provided by the Charity and Colton Hills School which was Wolverhampton’s first Secondary School to be awarded School of Sanctuary status. The funding was raised by the group and volunteer leaders managed the trips.
Three more holidays are planned to take place between 6th and 20th August this year and Gelliwig Planning meetings have already been held. Asylum Seekers known from Wolverhampton City of Sanctuary weekly Drop In Centre, strongly supported by the Quaker members, are invited to attend.
We have people from Albania, Cameroon, Congo, Ethiopia, Honduras, India, Ivory Coast, South America and Togo already identified for the holidays. They will benefit enormously from the stability offered by a few days together in the beautiful countryside on the edge of the Snowdonia National Park within reach of the sand and the sea. For many who come from traumatic circumstances and who have been unable to leave the city this can be a totally restorative experience.in the company of friends.
We are looking to raise £3000 towards the accommodation costs of the three holidays through your generosity and please do gift aid your donation if you are able to do so.
This is our first venture on this platform that was previously www.goldengiving.com that we had used for many years by this forty year old Registered Charity No. 512044.

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Birch Thompson Memorial Fund

The Birch Thompson Memorial Fund Gelliwig, our residential Centre in Porthmadog , is a tribute to Graham Birch and John Thompson, teachers at Colton Hills School who died prematurely in 1980. The charity, registered in 1981, was formed to honour their contribution to the lives of young people at Colton Hills School in particular and Wolverhampton generally.

Gelliwig, can accommodate thirty people using a mixture of bunk beds and single divans. There are beds for wheelchair users and a hoist and shower chair as an integrated approach to all young people was the initial ethos.

The small, not for profit, local charity is managed by volunteer trustees and has a part-time paid warden living near to Gelliwig. The cost to user groups has always been kept to a minimum and is subsidised by fund-raising of which our Annual event with the Joe Loss Orchestra has been a successful example.