Children's House Nursery School in East London, serves one of the most deprived communities in the country.

During this crisis period, we have been working in partnership with Manorfield Primary School and the Manorfield Charitable Foundation to ensure our families in need receive food on a weekly basis.

Since Monday 30th March, Manorfield have been operating a food/essential items distribution system to vulnerable families and as part of this, have been providing for families at Children's House Nursery School as wellClick here to see their fundraising appeal video.

In order to help them continue to support our families, we need financial support to purchase food and items which will compliment donations and goods that can be purchased from the school budget / government contribution for Free School Meals.

The items purchased will include food, nappies, toothpaste, soap, but also pens, pencils, paper and other items for children to use at home.

Please help. 

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Manorfield Charitable Foundation from Manorfield Charitable Foundation

Our mission

Our mission is to support the development of the whole child and enhance the quality of life of Manorfield Primary School students by supporting investment in the school and its programme of engagement with the local community so that:

 - Manorfield’s students have every opportunity to grow into responsible and successful citizens;

 - The school acts as a force for greater cohesion in local community;

 - Manorfield Primary School becomes a role model of effective inner city primary education.

What need are we addressing?

Set in one of the most deprived areas of England, Manorfield Primary School has complex needs to meet in terms of social, economic, health, language and cultural challenges in the community it serves. To achieve its goal of developing the whole child, the school must pay equal attention to its students’ educational, personal and social needs. These go well beyond the areas covered by statutory funding and extend outside the school into work with parents and the local community.

The charity’s purpose is to find the extra resources that the school needs to do this important work.


For further information visit the twitter feed.

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