Too many people affected by cancer are coping without support

Having cancer can be very hard to cope with. There is no right or wrong way to feel. Everyone is different and people will deal with things differently. Being told you have cancer, or that cancer has returned, can leave people feeling shocked, upset and very isolated. There are so many questions to be answered and so many feelings to deal with.  Many people have a range of feelings including fear, sadness, anxiety and depression.   

Cancer United offers the environment new members need to spend time with other people who share or understand a cancer experience as they know they will be met with acceptance and understanding. This simple act of sharing can make an enormous difference to the way those affected by cancer feel.  A study of people living with and beyond cancer includes reports of being insufficiently prepared for the potential impact that a cancer diagnosis might have on their lives, of a corresponding lack of information about coping strategies that might mitigate these, and of feeling ‘cut adrift’ by the healthcare system once primary treatment had been completed.



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BrickByBrick from CANCER UNITED

We are very proud of all that we have achieved at Cancer United which has helped hundreds of people whose lives have been affected by cancer over the last 7 years: We now need a Cancer United Centre – a hub – a centre of excellence.  #BrickByBrick is our new fundraising campaign which will help us create our centre so that we can continue to welcome and support many more people. We need to raise £1,000,000, so we are selling virtual bricks for a minimum donation of £5 each. 200,000 bricks mean we can sustain our work and make this dream a reality.We want to be the definitive cancer support charity in West Sussex as we are like no other - we are unique because we offer people many different social environments where they can come together to help each share a life-changing experience. The model works and once we have our centre we can replicate it again and again.Please support us and help raise the money we need to build our centre.

Thank you Cancer United


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